Rotary Phone Keyboard

I turned my great-grandparent's rotary phone into a computer keyboard. Why? Why not!

11/29/2019, 4:11:01 PM

I’ve inherited my great-grandparents’ very old rotary phone. They lived in Miami (305 area code).

“Bell System Property. Not For Sale”

Thinking of an interesting project for it.

5/5/2020, 3:54:48 PM

You ever wonder how a rotary phone dials the number you choose? There are contacts behind the dial that get nudged open/closed as the dial rotates. However many pulses = the number you just dialed.

5/5/2020, 3:57:26 PM

Here is dialing 5 in slow motion

5/8/2020, 10:17:28 AM

I couldn’t help but copy @Foone’s rotary phone numpad keyboard

5/8/2020, 10:53:09 AM

Following in @Foone’s footsteps, I’ve upgraded to a T9 keyboard.

5/8/2020, 7:40:57 PM

Well, @Foone I was reminded that T9 is technically predictive text input so I had to rectify the situation...

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