A very special 2020 Christmas Tree

Lockdown meant no shopping for Christmas trees, so I made one instead.


I wanted to learn about maze generation, and some ideas came up along the way.

Reflow Oven Conversion

Using the Controleo3 kit to convert a toaster oven to a reflow oven

Project: Skeeball

I love skeeball, and I have a bunch of cardboard boxes... can I make a functioning skeeball machine? Let's see where this goes!

Rotary Phone Keyboard

I turned my great-grandparent's rotary phone into a computer keyboard. Why? Why not!

Acrylic LED Infinite Spinner

This idea came to me in a dream.

Acrylic LED Sign

Using Neopixels, a laser cutter, and some acrylic to make a sign for my desk.

Drumset Keyboard

I turned a kid's drumset toy into a computer keyboard. I like making stupid keyboards.

🎳 2019 Summer League

My first bowling league in quite a while.

Desktop Traffic Light

A goofy idea turns into a much bigger project.

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