Drumset Keyboard

I turned a kid's drumset toy into a computer keyboard. I like making stupid keyboards.

1/1/2020, 6:14:39 PM

Should I pull a @Foone and turn this toy drumset into a Terrible Input Keyboard Device™ ?


1/9/2020, 6:19:31 PM

Extremely early tease of Terrible Input Device Drumset Keyboard™ — more this weekend (I hope) /cc @Foone

1/13/2020, 4:54:30 PM

Join me on an absurd journey to turn this VTech KidiBeats drum set into a keyboard.... a computer keyboard!!


1/13/2020, 4:55:57 PM

Let’s crack it open and take a look inside. Small main board, lots of wires going to the drums/cymbal. Runs on 3 AA 1.5V batteries.

1/13/2020, 4:58:24 PM

Unscrewing mainboard show a bunch of smd parts and blobbed chip (BOOOOO). I want to power it from USB, and I figure giving it 5V probably won’t hurt it... and it works!

1/13/2020, 5:02:13 PM

Hooking up multimeter to one of the drum keys to see if it goes high or low on contact (it goes high.. other lead was connected to VDD).

1/13/2020, 5:04:08 PM

Looking inside one of the drums. A couple smaller boards to determine a drum hit from the conductive pads on the drumhead

1/13/2020, 5:06:42 PM

Testing out intercepting the drum hits and powering it all from the Arduino Micro


1/13/2020, 5:10:45 PM

Hooking up all the wires from the main board to the Arduino and placing it in the body with a nice new hole for plugging in the USB cable.

1/13/2020, 5:14:20 PM

aaaand TADA!!! Now you can have a sweet drum solo while you type on your computer. ASCII codes for letters, some cymbal smashing for punctuation, and a rimshot for Enter. A Terrible Keyboard™ /tagging @Foone for judgement

1/18/2020, 7:29:08 PM

aaaaand TADA again!! This time it’s a MIDI drum set to lay down sick beats (e.g in GarageBand) 🥁🎹🎶🎵

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