I wanted to learn about maze generation, and some ideas came up along the way.

9/2/2020, 10:45:06 AM

Kiddo started doing mazes, so I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole


9/7/2020, 2:37:26 PM

first project using TypeScript.. getting the hang of it


9/11/2020, 9:12:12 AM

modified the logic so that walls have two dimensions and are part of the grid (to accomplish a crazy idea i have.. stay tuned), and it just screamed retro


9/12/2020, 12:39:28 PM

help, what has become of me

9/22/2020, 9:08:30 AM

early morning maze hacking.... 3d maze with 259 step solution (now imagine this cut out of acrylic... ooohhh)


9/26/2020, 8:09:30 PM

Sigma maze w/ color-distance mapping... I feel like I want to get lost in this jungle ruin


9/27/2020, 9:24:23 PM

rev up your lightcycles


12/9/2020, 9:27:12 PM

experimenting with giving the mazes a hand-sketched look

12/11/2020, 9:04:09 PM

this effect looks really good with sigma (hex) mazes


12/17/2020, 5:22:17 PM

Decided to laser etch a maze and make a coaster. Creating one continuous svg path for the laser to follow was a fun challenge.


12/17/2020, 5:51:08 PM

And for the round coaster traditionalists among you....


12/26/2020, 3:07:22 AM

I mean..... holy crap??!?!?!!?! #PlotterTwitter

12/26/2020, 3:28:01 AM

Circular maze? You got it. #PlotterTwitter

12/26/2020, 4:36:09 PM

Hey, so... remember when I was messing around with rendering hand-sketched mazes? I was planning ahead 😁 #PlotterTwitter

12/26/2020, 4:37:52 PM

This looks extremely satisfying


12/29/2020, 2:44:02 PM

I rewrote some maze code as a C library so I can drive the AxiDraw directly over USB (and for other upcoming ideas...)


12/29/2020, 2:50:44 PM

Lots of optimizations to be made for speed/timing of pen travel, but very satisfying already #plottertwitter

12/30/2020, 1:19:01 AM

Oof. This took almost an hour (I regretted it immediately). 3,786 pen up/down moves. Thinking of strategies to keep the pen down as much as possible (while keeping memory usage very low for future embedded application).

1/2/2021, 4:58:51 PM

A more optimized approach to keep the pen down for continuous lines of walls... not perfect, long way to go... this kids’ drawing app helpfully changes colors between strokes to show how the paths are drawn

1/2/2021, 10:32:29 PM

Here is the same maze being drawn with the double walls, which means only one continuous line for the machine to draw.

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